Aviation Consultancy, special air operations, staff selection...

01. Aviation Consultancy

Conffidence offers consultancy service for Airlines or any aviation operator (corporations, private owners or any organization) anywhere in the world. Conffidence will determine the operative profile and the subsequent legal and regulative frame of your activity. We will identify, assess and manage any operational risk that may arise from your activity. We will establish the necessary relationships and communication policy with the involved administration departments and we will elaborate the plans of action and operational consolidation.

Besides, Conffidence offers, as part of its service, the opportunity of using its consultancy service on aviation transport, both for passengers and cargo, whatever kind of good or destination you may want to transport. Conffidence will manage the transport of any good, from conventional transports to more complex ones due to their particular features (volume, weight, delivery/pick up place, etc.).

  • Management System.
  • Safety.
  • AOC´s Obtaining Management.
  • CAMO´s Obtaining Management.
  • Import of Aircrafts.

For solutions of transport and aviation consultancy, trust Conffidence.

02. Special Air Operations

Conffidence offers the coordination of the most suitable aviation means to face the needs of your personnel anywhere in the world:

  • Emergency Response Plans.
  • Air Evacuation Plans.
  • Natural Disasters.
  • Repatriations.
  • Medical Evacuations.
  • Design and operation of applications with UAV´s.

To warrant the wellbeing of your personnel in any circumstance, trust Conffidence.

03. Selection, Assessment and Staff Management

Planification and execution of all the recruitment processes in the aviation, logistics and security industries. Temporary contracts of whatever personnel is needed to perform specific missions, with limited duration or in the initial phase of the relationship with the customer. We can define and/or advice on the most suitable profile depending on the mission to perform. Once settled, we will perform the selection process with the highest standard.

Conffidence offers, along with the recruitment service, a wide variety of medical services in order to assess the suitability of each individual to perform a specific mission in terms of tasks and environment in which such mission will be developed. Among its aviation staff, Conffidence has specialized medical professionals licensed to issue medical certificates (Class 1 and 3 (renewal), Class 2, CC y LAPL (initial and renewal)) for civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation, EASA Part-MED.