About Us

Conffidence comes from Confidere (have full trust).


The core of confidence sums up more than 100 years of operative experience in such fields as: intelligence, diplomacy, Armed Forces, health and aviation.

Our world is immersed in a constant process of transformation and, thus, it is natural and necessary for companies operating in whichever area of expertise, to search for new opportunities in more complex and dangerous latitudes and environments than they might have been used to. This new situation makes it essential to establish a global and coordinated approach of all actors involved, to achieve the level of confidence and security needed in the organization.

Conffidence offers, based on its vast and plural experience, as well as on its excellently trained staff, a global vision of the situation, which allows its individual approach, paying attention to each company’s needs from different points of view. The outcome is tailored and unique solutions, based on resilience and adaptability to the environment.

ValuesConffidence comes from Latin Confidere (have full trust). This is the universal value upon which every human relationship is built. Conffidence is settled on the triangle formed by confidence, honesty and quality.


If you think you can add some value to Conffidence, please send your updated resume in English, along with a photograph and a cover letter explaining why you would like to be part of the Conffidence team. Please email your CV to: careers[@]conffidence.com